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The Duo Hoops was conceived in 2002, shortly after David and Becky met.  They were both looking for a performance partner and after their very first show, they realized that they had a special chemistry together on stage.


At the time Becky did not speak French very well nor David English. They learned to communicate on stage (and in life) with little to no words and have created a show that combines elements of physical comedy and circus skill that require no text. Today the show is performed in both English and French, but text remains limited as they have remained true to their original desire to communicate with the audience via physical comedy.  They have performed together in Canada, Taiwan, China, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico to name a few.


Over the years Duo Hoops has taken part in many clown and mime workshops, and continue to incorporate these techniques into their work.  David and Becky share a desire to dive even more deeply into the world of clowning; they are constantly discussing new and innovative ways to surprise and crack up their audiences. Their complementary characters, on stage and in life are the perfect antidote to each other !

BECKY PRIEBE (alias Becky Hoops)

Becky arrived on the circus scene 11 years ago, after having completed a university degree in International Development.


She started out with a sincere curiosity for circus arts and a deep desire to make people laugh, and a decade later she has a wide variety of performing experience under her belt - from corporate galas, big top shows, comedy festivals, cabaret theaters, social circus missions, and international circus competitions.


Her specialty is performing with hula hoops, which she does in solo, duet and group acts.

She is currently also exploring the disciplines

of acrobatic adagio, contact juggling and clown.


Over the last 8 years she has written, created, performed and produced three successful street shows. Her passion is to combine circus skills with the exploration of comic characters and scenarios.


Performing these shows around the world has been an incredibly rich experience; one in which she has learned to dialogue and communicate with diverse audiences - with and without language.


She has performed in many countries, including China, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Japan and Sweden. Becky was awarded the Budapest Special prize at the exclusive “Prinsessan Festival” in Sweden in 2010 for her “Rebecca” comic hoop number.


David started juggling at a very young age

and began imitating the great circus artists, performing acrobatics and unicycle in front of family and friends.


He moved to Montreal in 1999, where he began an intensive personal training program to perfect his art. He began teaching circus in 2000, and over a decade later is now teaching circus arts for all age groups, from beginner to advanced.


He specializes in clowning, juggling, hula hooping and acrobatics, and his acts use these disciplines to develop his very charming and sensitive persona on stage.


He works his magic in many different contexts, from outdoor festivals, to schools to corporate galas.  He is truly passionate about the interaction between himself, his performing partners and the audience.

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