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A 55 minute show suitable for all ages.  A fun, family-friendly show that can be played in theatres, auditoriums and school gymnasiums. 


Duo Hoops was created in 2002, shortly after David and Becky met in Montreal, Canada. During their very first show together, they realized that they had a special chemistry on stage.  Their initial productions were performed in outdoor venues and street-theatre festivals, and in recent years they have also created an indoor theatre version. All their work can be performed in both English and French.  Over the years, Duo Hoops has been invited to perform in Canada, Taiwan, China, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico, to name a few!


David and Becky strive to create highly entertaining, surprising and comical shows for audiences of all ages.  While all of their productions showcase the physical prowess of circus; their main interest is in developing the element of comedy, clowning and the delightful conflict between their characters.

They are constantly experimenting with new and innovative ways to crack up their audiences, and their complementary and characters - on stage and in life - are the perfect antidote to each other!


This show is a non-stop, action packed circus extravaganza.  Despite their glaring personality conflict, David and Becky come together to deliver a highly impressive yet completely ridiculous circus show.  David admires Becky like his big sister, he really wants to impress her but often ends up stuffing it up.  Becky is constantly amazed that she has to perform with this guy who can’t do anything right.  The combination of these two characters are the perfect antidote for each other.  Juggling, hula hoops, comedy, and some magical surprises!


Original Idea, Direction, Creation and actors : David Fiset and Becky Priebe

Costumes : Marianne Bellerose

Light Design :  Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin

Set design : David Fiset


Great for audiences from 5-100 years

Length : 50 minutes

Set up time : 2 hours

Lighting focus : 2-3 hours

Tear down : 2 hours

23 Duo Hoops
25 Duo Hoops
21 Duo Hoops
20 Duo Hoops
18 Duo Hoops
22 Duo Hoops
15 Duo Hoops
24 Duo Hoops
13 Duo Hoops
9 Duo Hoops
17 Duo Hoops
10 Duo Hoops
16 Duo Hoops
4-Duo Hoops
19 Duo Hoops
14 Duo hoops
8 Duo Hoops
11 Duo Hoops
2-Duo hoops
12 DuoHoops
7 Duo Hoops
6 Duo Hoops
3-Duo Hoops
1-Duo hoops
5-Duo Hoops
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